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Unity Urban Ministerial School offers training that allows students to discover their spirituality through education and faith-based practices that allow a person to grow spritually, socially, and financially. Programs are structured to enhance the student's knowledge, soft skills, and technical skills necessary for 21st Century ministry.


Registration for Summer Term 2017 Online Classes

Registration information is for Unity Urban Ministerial School online classes ONLY.
An application on file is required prior to registration. To apply onlne, click here.
Please remember to review the list of Required Texts for your respective registered classes.

FU1005 Bible Interpretation - Hebrew Scriptures (20 Hours)
FU1036 Metaphysics I (20 Hours)
FU1002 Myrtle and Charles on Healing and Wholeness (20 Hours)
FU1033 Twelve Powers (20 Hours)
FU1011 Lessons in Truth (20 Hours)
BI5011 Biblical Studies - Old Testament (Genesis-1 Chronicles) (50 Hours)
IS5921 Credo Belief Structures (20 Hours)
CM4001 Homiletics I (40 Hours)
CS2001 Counseling (20 Hours)
IS5940 Self-Awareness I (30 Hours)
BI5021 Biblical Studies NT (The Gospels) (50 Hours)
MS2001 How I Used Truth (20 Hours)
MS2011 Prayer and Meditation (20 Hours)
HI1004 Overview of World Religions (20 Hours)
UUM3001 Management Skills for the 21st Century (20 Hours)
* Required

Tuition for 3, 4 or 5 classes is $750

Tuition for 1 class is $250

Please remember to review a list of Required Texts for your classes here.
The required texts may be purchased online at Amazon.com, Half.com, and most reasonably at Addall.com.